A New Generation ERP Solution for Automobile Industry

Designed to improve overall business process & manufacturing performance.

Microsoft Technology with Cloud First and Mobile First

A New Generation ERP Solution for Cable and Wire Industry

Blending Technologies for Today's Businesses Magnum Opus IT (MOIT) is an adaptive, flexible, solutions-oriented Enterprise IT Solutions Provider specializing in numerous industries and business processes in order to meet today’s IT challenges. We specialize in niche industries consisting of Automotive, Life Sciences, Mill Products (DIMP), Telecommunications, Wire, Steel, Cable, Conduit and other length based businesses; if it sits on a reel or roll or piping, we have a solution for it. Our functional areas of focus span the enterprise application suite and technology layers and consists of on-premise and cloud based solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Analytics marketplace. We provide Enterprise Application solutions to systems integrators, emerging, large, medium and small-sized enterprises across these applications, processes, people and integration.

  • SAP Services MOIT provides SAP consulting services (Business process consulting, Implementation, Upgrades, Template based Deliveries, AMS Support, and Near-shore/Off-shore SLA Services) with Proven industry Niche, SAP Product Expertise, with its own tools...

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  • Cloud Technologies Microsoft Technology with No Code Solutions, Cloud First and Mobile First.

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